Vinyl Did It

Vinyl Did It (VDI),was founded in 2008 by Dia and Fluen in Barcelona. VDI released music on 12″ limited vinyl (500 copies) and also digitally. The label was a project label limited to 10 vinyl releases and the same number of digital only exclusives. The label’s music is dancefloor oriented and the sound of the label is between House and Techno with influences of other electronic music genres. Throughout its 2 years of activity the label sold out most of its vinyl catalogue and hosted sold-out label nights at WIP in Barcelona, Watergate and Weekend club in Berlin, among others.

VDI010 Fluen “Secrets” EP

VDI009 Oliver Deutschmann “Spaceship Earth” EP

VDI007 DIA “Make a Move” EP

VDI008 youANDme “Nightvisions” EP

VDI006 Oliver Deutschmann “Himmel Und Erde” EP

VDI005 Fluen “Guayaga” EP


VDI001 Dr. Needles Ping Pong Ep Dan Curtin remix/Digital Ape remix
VDI002 Digital Ape Im Allright Ep Quenum remix/Fibre remix
VDI003 Such&Such Flytrap Ep
VDI004 Dia Roaches Travel In Groups Ep
VDI005 Fluen Guayaga Ep youANDme remix
VDI006 Oliver Deutschmann Himmel Und Erde Ep
VDI007 Dia Make a Move Ep
VDI008 youANDme Nightvisions Ep
VDI009 Oliver Deutschmann Spaceship Earth Ep
VDI010 Fluen Secrets Ep

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