Fluen (WIP / Neveroddoreven / USA)
Fluen is a Barcelona-based American Dj/Producer, founder of the labels Vinyl Did It, Neveroddoreven, and limited series Twelveinchesoflove. Fluen is also founder and manager of WIP, electronic music events promoter and record label.
Raised in the midwest, with a strong background in music production and live performance; Fluen’s sound is influenced by different music styles, synthpop, live electronic music, jazz, and mainly classic Chicago house and classic Detroit techno.


TOL016 Fluen “Change”
VDI005 Fluen “Guayaga” Ep
TACI002 Fluen “Better Days” Ep
VDI010 Fluen “Secrets” EP
WIPCD001 WIP Compilation
WIP003 Fluen “I Do Want You” EP
NON001-Fluen “Just About”
NON002-Fluen “Stages”
NON003-Fluen “Voices”
NON004-Fluen “The Fog”
WIPD040-Fluen “Arks”
NON005-Fluen “Drops”
NON006-Fluen “Sunlight”
NON007-Fluen “Blue Fields”
NON008-Fluen “Dreams”